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Skies of Rohan - Did you know that in The Two Towers . . .

Although the movies are wonderful representations of The Lord of the Rings, the movie-makers had to compress the story in many ways and make alterations appropriate for a theater audience. Because of this process, a great deal of background information and character development had to be left out of the movies. People who have only seen the movies may be surprised and excited to find that the books contain much more information, details and stories about their favorite characters. This document includes tidbits and teasers related to the storyline and characters that are not found in the New Line Cinema movies of The Lord of the Rings. It is the hope of Skies of Rohan that learning more of the details of the story will entice moviegoers into reading the books that are the source of the movies and discovering even more of the magic of Middle-earth.

Did You Know that inThe Two Towers. . .

  • In their untiring pursuit of the Orcs who had taken Merry and Pippin captive, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli covered more than 45 leagues (roughly 135 miles or 216 kilometers) on foot in the four days before they encountered the Riders of Rohan.
  • The Rohirrim prized their horses above all things and were greatly angered at recent thefts of black horses by the forces of Mordor.
  • The Men of Rohan had been at war on their Eastern border with the forces of Mordor for many years. A great range of mountains ran the length of Rohan on the Western border. The Gap of Rohan was the only pass through those mountains.
  • Isengard was located near the Gap of Rohan. Saruman had been thought a friend until Gandalf escaped from Isengard and warned King Theoden of Saruman's betrayal. Immediately after Gandalf's departure, Saruman began attacking Rohan on their Western borders and effectively closed the Gap of Rohan to travelers.
  • Throughout the lands of Rohan and Gondor, both Fangorn Forest and Lothlorien were considered to be places of great danger. By legend, the Lady Galadriel was reputed to be an evil sorceress. Gimli was kept busy defending her honor.
  • The Orcs that attacked the Fellowship at Amon Hen and fled with Merry and Pippin were from Moria, Isengard and Mordor. The largest number of Orcs were Saruman's Uruk-hai. Most Orcs would hesitate to travel in the daylight, but the Uruk-hai did not fear the Sun.
  • The Orcs from Mordor had been sent by Sauron to find the Fellowship and bring back any hobbits. Saruman gave the same instruction to his Orcs. This caused great quarrelling between the two groups of Orcs over where they should take Merry and Pippin.
  • One of Saruman's great powers was in the spell of his Voice. An unsuspecting individual could be charmed into believing whatsoever Saruman desired.
  • After Gandalf's battle with the Balrog, Galadriel sent Gwaihir, the great Eagle, to find Gandalf and return with him to Lothlorien. It was in Lothlorien that Galadriel gave Gandalf his new robes of white.
  • Shadowfax was not an ordinary horse, but was instead a mearas, a steed with extraordinary abilities, who by legend, would bear no rider but the King of Rohan or his heirs.
  • Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli have a brief encounter with Saruman on the threshold of Fangorn Forest while following Merry and Pippin's tracks. Having been surprised once by Saruman, they were ready to attack when they thought Saruman had found them again inside the Forest.
  • Fangorn Forest was very old. When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli entered the Forest, Legolas said the great age of the trees made him feel young again. Legolas expressed a desire to spend more time there and wished to try and talk to the trees.
  • When Merry and Pippin met Treebeard in Fangorn Forest, they saw no female Ents or Entings (children). Long ago, the Ents had gone out wandering to see the world while the Entwives stayed and tended their beautiful gardens. When the Ents returned to those lands after many years, they found that the Entwives were gone and their lands in ruin. The Ents have searched for the Entwives in all the long years since, but have found no sign of them.
  • Not knowing what else to offer young hobbits for refreshment, Treebeard could only give Merry and Pippin Entish drinks. The drinks caused both hobbits to grow taller.
  • Saruman had promised Grima Wormtongue that Eowyn would be his, once Rohan had fallen.
  • Eowyn had learned the skills of horsemanship and sword fighting the same as her brother Eomer, but as a woman was not allowed to ride with the soldiers. She was greatly frustrated and angry that she was not able to fight and defend her country.
  • Aragorn was 87 years old when Eowyn first met him in the Golden Hall of Meduseld. In the longer life span of the race of Dunedain, Aragorn was still but middle-aged. Aragorn had ridden with the Rohirrim as the soldier Thorongil when King Theoden's father was king. Although it had been many years, King Theoden would have recognized Aragorn.
  • The Battle of the Hornburg at Helm's Deep begins on March 3rd.
  • In the battle at Helm's Deep, Gimli became separated from his companions and was forced to retreat and fight in the great caverns underneath the fortress, along with some of the men from Rohan's army. Awed by the legendary beauty of the caves, Gimli made a pact with Legolas after the battle. If the two of them were to return safe from all the perils of the War, Gimli would visit Fangorn Forest with Legolas, and Legolas would then go with Gimli to visit the Glittering Caves of Aglarond.
  • The final score in the Orc killing contest between Legolas and Gimli at the battle of Helm's Deep, was a total of 42 Orcs for Gimli and 41 Orcs for Legolas.
  • When the Ents made war on Isengard, they also brought with them a great forest of Huorns. Huorns were Ents that had become almost like trees over the years. The Huorns were considered very dangerous and hated Orcs for their wanton destruction of trees. When the Ents attacked Isengard, the Huorns surrounded the walls of Isengard and killed any Orc that tried to flee.
  • During the battle of Helm's Deep, Gandalf requested aid from Treebeard. In response, Treebeard sent many Huorns to the battle. Overnight, a great forest of whispering trees surrounded the battlefield. When the remnants of Saruman's army retreated from Helm's Deep, they fled into the shadows of the waiting Huorns. The Orcs were never seen again.
  • In the ruins of Isengard, Merry and Pippin found barrels of the Longbottom Leaf tobacco from the Southfarthing in the Shire. Merry and Pippin felt this was a lucky find, but Aragorn was very disturbed over finding goods from the Shire in such an unlikely place.
  • Merry and Pippin had dropped their swords when they were taken by the Orcs at Amon Hen. Aragorn found their swords lying close to where Boromir had fallen. The Orcs had feared to take the blades, knowing them for the work of the Men of Westernesse. Aragorn returned the swords to Merry and Pippin when the company was reunited in the ruins of Isengard.
  • Grima Wormtongue arrived at Isengard after the Ents had taken the fortress. Treebeard allowed Wormtongue to cross the standing water and enter the Tower.
  • The palantirs were seeing-stones made long ago by the Men of Westernesse. The stones resembled globes of crystal. Originally there were seven stones, each in a different location, allowing the kings of Gondor to see throughout the realm and converse with each other. Each stone was connected to the others and allowed the viewer to see many things. Over the years, most of the stones had been lost.
  • Sauron had obtained one of the palantir when his forces took the city of Minas Ithil long ago.
  • Saruman discovered the palantir of Isengard when he occupied the Tower of Orthanc. He told no one of his discovery and used the palantir for his own purposes to expand his knowledge and power, until he finally dared to look upon Mordor and was then caught by Sauron.
  • Boromir and Faramir had great love and respect for each other and had always been very close. Their father, Denethor, greatly loved and praised Boromir, but Faramir could do nothing right in his father's eyes. When Boromir was slain, it was Faramir's place to become Captain of Gondor and heir to the Stewardship, but his father never let him forget that he wished Faramir were dead instead of Boromir.
  • Faramir was well known and loved by Gandalf. In his trips to Gondor over the years, Gandalf was always welcomed by Faramir, who took every opportunity to learn as much as he could from Gandalf. Denethor was not pleased that his son sought out Gandalf and it became another source of contention between father and son.
  • When Frodo and Sam meet Faramir, he is leading a band of Rangers, patrolling the dangerous borders between Gondor and Mordor. Like Aragorn and the Rangers of the North, many men of Minas Tirith were also of the Race of Dunedain. The lineage of the Men of Westernesse was especially strong in Faramir.
  • The land where Frodo and Sam first encounter Faramir was once called Ithilien. It had been considered the garden of Gondor and still contained beautiful woods, streams, waterfalls and lakes. Though long neglected, herbs and flowers still grew profusely. The population of Ithilien had been evacuated when Orcs overran the land. Only Rangers continued to operate there, fighting the Orcs from secret bases.
  • When Frodo learned from Faramir that Boromir had been slain, Frodo feared that all of the members of the Fellowship had been lost.
  • In speaking to Frodo of the Ring, Faramir said he could well believe that his brother, Boromir, might desire such a thing to use in battle. But as for himself, he would not take this thing, even if it lay by the highway.
  • Frodo and Sam were questioned at length by Faramir, but were never held prisoner and were treated with much courtesy by the Rangers. When Gollum was taken prisoner, he was watched carefully, but was not mistreated.
  • When Gollum revealed to Faramir that he was leading Frodo to the stairway of Cirith Ungol, Faramir was horrified and tried to persuade Frodo to part company with Gollum.
  • Faramir made no attempt to take Frodo and Sam to Minas Tirith. Instead he and his men gave them provisions and wished them well.

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